Tuna Nikkei ceviche

This time we want to show you a new recipe of one of our most requested dishes. It is the tuna Nikkei ceviche. Due to the current circumstance by which we all must be at home, we will take the opportunity to show you how to prepare another dish of the Qapaq restaurant menu and thus make you more bearable Read more about Tuna Nikkei ceviche[…]

Peruvian cuisine. Its origins and influences.

First of all, as an exclusive feature of Peruvian cuisine, there are meals and flavors from four continents. Peruvian cuisine is the result of the initial fusion of the culinary tradition of ancient Peru and its techniques, with Spanish cuisine. Later there was a contribution of the culinary customs brought from Africa by the Read more about Peruvian cuisine. Its origins and influences.[…]

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