How to prepare a Pisco Sour cocktail

The pisco sour is Peruvian cocktail, prepared with Pisco and lime or lemon juice.

Pisco Sour
coctel Pisco Sour

Its name comes from the union of the wordspisco(which is a kind of grape brandy, usually "quebranta" grape) and Sour (that refers to cocktails which use lemon on its recipe).

It is included in the gastronomy of both Peru and Chile, which debate that pisco sour is their national or typical cocktail, and each affirms the exclusive property. Although the earliest written references place it in Lima in the 1920s at the Morris Bar in Lima.

In addition, pisco has been produced since the 16th century in the Ica Valley in Peru.

It takes the name from Pisco harbour where it was originally exported from.


Pisco Sour ingredients

  • 80 ml of Pisco
  • 50 ml of sugar syrup
  • 50 ml of lime or lemon juice
  • 30 ml of egg white (natural or packaged)
  • Ice 

How to prepare it

In a shaker or blender, mix all the ingredients, whisk and serve.

Recommended to serve it without ice

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